4 Stages that can be upgraded easily

There are 4 stages of membership based on the number of points acquired throughout the year (Jan 1 - Dec 31).

The higher the membership stage, the more points you receive.

  • The number of points a member acquires in a given year determines their membership stage for the following year. (Bonus points and campaign points do not apply for improving a member's stage.) Calculation period for yearly points spans January 1st to December 31st, regardless of membership enrollment.
  • if a member meets the requirements for upgrading their stage by June 30th of the point calculation period, they become eligible for Diamond, Platinum, or Gold membership services starting on August 1st. Dropping to a lower stage is determined on a yearly basis.
  • Membership stages for the following year are valid from February 1st of the following year to January 31st of the year after the following year.
  • There are now more membership stages, it has become a better deal easier to upgrade, and there are 2 times a year (August, February) where you have chances to upgrade your membership stage.


Yearly basic points acquired

0point 〜 4,999point


Yearly basic points acquired

5,000point 〜 12,499point


Yearly basic points acquired

12,500point 〜 49,999point


Yearly basic points acquired

50,000point 〜


You can be upgraded twice a year in February and August.You can remain enjoying better services and benefits for the higher stage for as long as possible period.

If a Blue Stage member earns 5,000 points in a six months period between January and June, you can enjoy the benefits of Gold Stage for a six months period between August and January next year.
If you earn 12,500 points in a 12 months period between January and December, you can enjoy the benefits of Platinum Stage for the 12 months period (from February next year up to January the following year).


Downgrading is to be by no more than one stage at each occasion (once a year in February).

Even if the number of points earned in a year fails to meet the previous stage assigning criteria, your membership will be downgraded by no more than one stage at each occasion, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of higher stage for as long as possible.

If a Platinum Stage member earns 3,000 points in a year, your membership stage for the next year will be no lower than Gold Stage.

Save Points
Points are earned based on the amount of money spent and membership stage.
Use Points
You can use points for the payment at the eligible facilities.
Membership Benefits/Bonus
Facility-specific benefits are available depending on your membership stage.
Membership Stages
We offer four membership stages that are easy to stage up and hard to stage down.
Anniversary benefit
Coupons with plenty of benefits that are available just by registering your anniversaries.

Membership is free, and there are no annual fees.

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