You can earn "basic points" according to your membership stage for every 100 yen spent at Fujita Kanko Group facilities that are eligible for point accumulation.

Points can be earned by presenting your 2D Code membership certificate at the time of payment at the facility.

If you do not present your 2D Code membership certificate, you will not be able to earn or use points or receive any other membership services.

Reservations made through a travel agency (including online booking sites) will reward 50 points (per night at a given accommodation) regardless of the amount spent or membership stage.

Apart from the “basic points” awarded each time you enjoy accommodation and/or meal, you can save “campaign points” as part of the benefits offered in various campaigns held from time to time, or simply by viewing “Seasonal Topics” via My Page.


You can use basic points during its validity period expiring on December 31 of the year after next year of the point award date (maximum three years).

Validity period varies depending on the types of points.
Number of points saved as well as its validity period can be confirmed at “Point History” in My Page.

Points will be added on or after the next day of use (checkout date if used for accommodation).

Save Points
Points are earned based on the amount of money spent and membership stage.
Use Points
You can use points for the payment at the eligible facilities.
Membership Benefits/Bonus
Facility-specific benefits are available depending on your membership stage.
Membership Stages
We offer four membership stages that are easy to stage up and hard to stage down.
Anniversary benefit
Coupons with plenty of benefits that are available just by registering your anniversaries.

Membership is free, and there are no annual fees.

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